I’ve got a treat for you today! This is an easy afternoon project even a novice sewist can make.  It’s for a pretend play dinosaur tail for your preschooler or toddler!

My daughter wears her dino tail nearly every day. She accessorizes it with a tutu or sometimes she’s a dragon with wings and a tail, or sometimes she’s a Lambie with a dino tail.

Dinosaur Tail Tutorial | The TipToe Fairy

Your kids will love this tail. I think Molly’s favorite thing is to twirl around and around and watch the tail swish back and forth.

You can make this completely without a pattern.  Click on the PDF below and it will open the Cutting Guide, which will tell you what lengths and widths to cut everything.

Dinosaur Tail Tutorial | The TipToe Fairy

Dinosaur Tail Tutorial 

Dinosaur Tail Tutorial | The TipToe Fairy


1/4 yd of polar fleece for tail
1/4 yd of polar fleece for spikes and belt
2 large scraps of polar fleece for polka dots
thread to match
Heat N Bond Ultra
Polyfil stuffing
1/2 yd of 1-inch non-roll elastic
Sew on Velcro
long needle


1.  Follow the cutting guide to cut out the dinosaur tail.

  • Cut out TWO (2) dinosaur tails
  • 1 row of spikes
  • 1 belt

Dinosaur Tail Tutorial | The TipToe Fairy

2.  Line up the spikes to be in the middle of the tail, which will make it about 1 inch away from either end of the tail.

3.  With right side up, lay one piece of the tail down, then lay the spikes with raw edge lined up with raw edge of tail.  Then, lay second tail piece down with right side down to match.  Sew along the seam with the spikes.

Dinosaur Tail Tutorial | The TipToe Fairy

4. Follow the directions for the Heat N Bond Ultra. Iron it to the backside of the scrap fabrics for the dots.

5. Then, cut the dots out and remove the paper backing.

Dinosaur Tail Tutorial | The TipToe Fairy

6. Place the dots all around the tail, however you would like. Then iron them down securely. This might take awhile because the fabric is so thick.

Dinosaur Tail Tutorial | The TipToe Fairy

7. After attaching the dots, with right sides together, line up the other side of the tail and sew it closed. When you sew it closed, curve the end of the seam around to meet up with the other side seam to sew the bottom of the tail closed. Then, snip off any additional seam allowance.

8. Flip the tail right side out.

Dinosaur Tail Tutorial | The TipToe Fairy

9. Stuff the tail firmly so that it won’t just hang on your child limply. Make sure to leave about 1 inch from the raw edges to be able to fold inward to sew closed. I use a chop stick and slowly work my way up. I will warn you now, the stuffing part will drive you nuts. You think it will never ever be done.

10. Once the tail firmness is to your liking, fold the raw edges inward and sew closed.

Dinosaur Tail Tutorial | The TipToe Fairy

11. Take the belt piece and fold it together lengthwise and sew along that edge to form a tube.

12. Next, flip the tube right side.

13. Measure your child’s waist, subtract 2 inches and cut the elastic to that size. Insert the elastic into the tube.

Dinosaur Tail Tutorial | The TipToe Fairy

14. At about 2 inches before the end of the tube, pin the elastic and zigzag it down at that spot. Do this on both sides.

15. Fold the raw edges of each side of the tube and sew them closed.

16. Attach a 2-3 inch piece of velcro on each side of the tube. Make sure the scratchy “hook” side of the velcro is sewn facing outward so it doesn’t scratch your child. Also, make sure the velcro pieces line up before sewing them. (I chose a large piece of 2 to 3 inches for growing room)

 photo dinosaur-tail-collage-7_zpse7ca55d7.jpg

17. Take the two corner pieces and a large needle and thread and overlap the corners to form a loop to insert the belt into. Take several stitches and pull them tight so that the corners do not come loose.

**I tried several methods for attaching a belt and this was the most secure and best way to keep the tail staying up in a comfortable manner on my little one.

Put that tail on your child and watch them run and dance around the room!

Dinosaur Tail Tutorial | The TipToe Fairy