Purple Cow Cake Batter Cream Slush

Here in Texas, our summer has been rather mild this year. A few days last week, it only reached the mid 80s!  In fact, I don’t even think it’s topped 100 here yet, but it’s coming.  All this week the temperature has been slowly creeping up there.

To beat the heat, I’ve been making fun frozen drinks for my family.  Last week we had Frozen Toffee Coffee and this week it’s been cream slushes in Blackberry Kool-Aid and Bubblegum.  This latest one, however, is my favorite!

Purple Cow Cake Batter Cream Slush | The TipToe Fairy #frozendrinks #drinkrecipes #milkshakerecipes

Today I’ve brought you a new Cream Slush recipe, and It. Is. Amazing!!  I’m calling it Purple Cow Cake Batter Cream Slush! It’s purple, it tastes like cake batter, and it’s absolutely delicious. My kids liked it so much that they stole it right after I took the pictures. (more…)

Bubblegum Cream Slush

I love Bubblegum flavored anything.  I know that’s probably weird for a grown up, but it’s a flavor I’ve loved since I was a kid. If we go to an ice cream parlor and they have bubblegum ice cream, you can bet your pants I’m getting it!

I’ve made cupcakes, ice cream, and even fudge – all bubblegum flavor.  This time around we’re making another version of my Cream Slush, and guess what flavor it is? Yep, Bubblegum Cream Slush!

Bubblegum Cream Slush | The TipToe Fairy #frozentreats #frozendrinks #bubblegumrecipes


Kool-Aid Cream Slush

A couple days ago I was at Walmart and saw Blackberry Kool-Aid on the seasonal aisle. Blackberry Kool-Aid! It’s like they know what I love! I love blackberry flavored drinks. They are my favorites.

From reading the bottle, they are making limited batches of new flavors.  Then, they are having a contest for you to pick a new Kool-Aid flavor from the batches. A giant jug of the special flavor was only 97 cents. So, I brought it home with plans to play with it a bit.

Well, first I had a glass of it, and it was yummy!

Kool-Aid Cream Slush | The TipToe Fairy #koolaid #creamslush #koolaidrecipes

Date Night at P.F. Chang’s Dallas

Thank you P.F. Chang’s for sponsoring today’s post and for the tasty date night!

Nate and I work hard to keep our relationship fun and exciting.  This week for date night we made it a dinner date for two at P.F. Chang’s Dallas.

We love to come up with exciting ideas for date night (like my date night treasure hunt) instead of just a movie or the same ol’ place to eat.  One of Nate’s favorite things is to try a new restaurant.

Been to @PFChangs lately? You will LOVE the new small plates and cocktails! Read about my experience | The TipToe Fairy #sp #pfchangs

This time around we headed to P.F. Chang’s to sample their new menu!  I had never been, and Nate had not been in several years.  Our plan was to get a few different dishes to sample some new and exciting dishes. (more…)

#PerfectPop Polka Dot Popcorn with Pop Secret

This post is sponsored by Pop Secret, but my opinions are all my own.

Does your family have a movie night?  At our house, Family Movie Night Popcorn is a necessity.  Sometimes I turn it into an extra fun treat such as Polka Dot Popcorn.

Use the Perfect Pop App to make some Polka Dot Popcorn | The TipToe Fairy #PerfectPop #GoodbyeBurnedPopcorn #sp #popcornrecipes

Unfortunately, when I microwave popcorn, it doesn’t always come out perfect.  Quite often it comes out burned, even when I stand there listening for the pops to slow down or if I use the “Popcorn” button on the microwave.

Use the Perfect Pop App to make some Polka Dot Popcorn | The TipToe Fairy #PerfectPop #GoodbyeBurnedPopcorn #sp #popcornrecipes (more…)

Christmas in July: Easy Felt Snowman Ornament

So who’s ready for Christmas? Deby over at So Sew Easy is having a Christmas in July series full of fabulous felt ornaments, plus an amazing felt tree! As part of that series I’m bringing you a tutorial to make an Easy Felt Snowman Ornament.

I love Christmas!  Snowmen are one of my favorite ornaments. During the Christmas season my tree tends to be covered in Santa Claus and Snowmen, and then we always top our tree with a trumpet. (long story, lol)

So Sew Easy Christmas in July Felt Ornaments - Easy Felt Snowman | The TipToe Fairy #christmasinjuly #christmasornaments #ornamenttutorials #tutorial (more…)

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