Add Sparkle: Crafting Dip Dyeing Towels

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Do you ever get run down and don’t want to do anything? Have no inspiration? Your brain is begging for creativity and you’ve got nothing? I just hate that. My mind tends to burn itself at both ends coming up with new crafts or recipes to try, but every once in awhile, I just get burned out. What do you do to add sparkle and get yourself moving again?

Dip Dyeing Towels Tutorial | The TipToe Fairy #AddSparkle  #shop #crafttutorial #dyetutorial

One thing I’ve discovered works wonders for giving me that creative sparkle again is crafting. I find it very relaxing and inspirational to create a new craft project. I start working on something, anything.  I just start grabbing supplies and what comes out of it, who knows! Almost always it “sparkles” my creativity and my creative juices start flowing again.

I don’t like to snack on anything when I’m crafting because I always end up getting it everywhere! But, I do love a good drink. My favorite drinks are lemonades and limeades, but I try not to drink too much because of the high sugar content.


Bubble Blowing Contest with #JuicyFruitFunSide

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Even though school is back in session, it’s still a bit of the lazy days of summer for us.  Here in Texas, it’s still as hot as ever.  The pools are still open.  Kids are still running through sprinklers to keep cool.  With the sun still up late, we wait until the evening to go outside to let the kids play and enjoy the summer breeze.

Bubble Blowing Contest | The TipToe Fairy #JuiceFruitFunSide #kidsactivities

During this past 3-day weekend, the kids and I went out on the driveway each night and had a bubble blowing contest. It was a lot of fun. Do you ever do crazy things like that with your kids?

Bubble Blowing Contest | The TipToe Fairy #JuiceFruitFunSide #kidsactivities

Here was Em’s attempt. These two are highly competitive. I think they each had about 5 pieces of gum in their mouths so they could get the biggest bubble ever.

Bubble Blowing Contest | The TipToe Fairy #JuiceFruitFunSide #kidsactivities

Next up was Mr. E.  He was the reigning champion for quite awhile with this bubble until Em blew a huge one and you can see what happened to it at the end of the post!

Bubble Blowing Contest | The TipToe Fairy #JuiceFruitFunSide #kidsactivities

My sweet little Molly just couldn’t do it yet.  So, I pulled out the sidewalk chalk and said, “let’s draw you blowing a big bubble.”  She liked that idea very much.  She can’t wait to be like her siblings so she can blow bubbles, too. I think they were 5 or 6 when they finally mastered bubble blowing.

Bubble Blowing Contest | The TipToe Fairy #JuiceFruitFunSide #kidsactivities

Have you tried the new Juicy Fruit flavors?  They have a new sugar free soft chew gum as well as bubble gum.  In July 2014, Juicy Fruit was excited to launch new Juicy Fruit Bubble Gum and Juicy Fruit Fruity Chews. Both come in two flavors – Juicy Fruit Original and Juicy Fruit Strawberry.

Bubble Blowing Contest | The TipToe Fairy #JuiceFruitFunSide #kidsactivities

With bubble gum as the #1 fun gum, Juicy Fruit Bubble Gum offers that great bubble blowing experience that kids and adults love.  It’s available in 5 pack chunks. Juicy Fruit also introduced a flavorful new gum experience with their new sugar free soft chew gum Fruit Chews. They deliver a vibrant burst of sweet, fruity flavor for instant fun. It is packaged in a 40-count bottle to make sharing easy and fun for the entire family!

Bubble Blowing Contest | The TipToe Fairy #JuiceFruitFunSide #kidsactivities

We sure had fun, until Miss Em popped her giant bubble all over her glasses.  And with that bubble she was definitely the winner!

Ad: Homemade Wedge Salad with Deli Hot Wings

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We are living the high school football life right now.  This means on Friday nights we either eat fast food, tailgate or “homegate.”  When it’s 100 degrees in the shade (like right now) we usually homegate it, and I have to make a super quick dinner before the game. Grabbing some delicious hot wings at the Walmart deli makes it even easier for us to eat at home.

Fresh Hot Wings @ the Walmart Deli | The TipToe Fairy #GameTimeHero #CollectiveBias #ad

My daughter performs at all the Friday night high school games. They dance in the stands, and perform at halftime. We don’t want to miss a single one, so it’s easier to eat at home right before we go rather than try to eat out. (more…)

Slow Cooker Short Ribs & Campbell’s Labels for Education #Labels4Edu #cbias

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Did you know you can help your kids’ schools with what’s in your pantry and products you use every day?  Recently, I learned about Campbell’s Labels for Education, and when I checked the website, I found all 3 of my kids’ schools were signed up.

Slow Cooker Short Ribs Over Baked Potatoes | The TipToe Fairy #Labels4Edu  #shop #slowcookerecipes #beefrecipes

All I have to do is just snip off the UPC labels for so many things I regularly purchase or already had at home, send them to school, and let the points add up so our schools could get things they needed. You can even track your school’s progress and see their wishlist online!

Slow Cooker Short Ribs Over Baked Potatoes | The TipToe Fairy #Labels4Edu  #shop #slowcookerecipes #beefrecipes


After School Snacks at your Door with #NatureBoxSnacks

Do your kids come home famished after a long day at school? Mine always do. They can’t wait for after school snacks. Then, they stand at the fridge or the pantry searching for something to eat. Usually I hear, “Mom, there’s nothing to eat.” Which is totally not true. I think I’ve found something they actually like! Recently, we got to try NatureBox Snacks, and it was a big hit.

NatureBox Snacks Review | The TipToe Fairy #NatureBoxSnacks #CleverGirls #afterschoolsnacks #backtoschool

One thing I’ve figured out is to limit their choices, so I set a few things on the island or the kitchen table, and they easily pick something and settle down for a snack.  So, when the NatureBox snacks arrived, I just opened the box and left it on the table.  As soon as they all got home, they rummaged through the box and each found a snack.  I didn’t hear “there’s nothing to eat” one time that day!

When you join NatureBox, you’ll receive five different snacks every month. You can choose the snacks you want or be surprised with their carefully curated selections.  I let my kids choose the snacks.  Check out the huge variety HERE. (more…)

Win a KitchenAid Mixer & Get a free E-Cookbook

Are you ready to win a KitchenAid Mixer?

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Some of my favorite bloggers and I have teamed up to bring you this amazing giveaway! And, as a bonus, you get a copy of an E-Cookbook full of our delicious recipes!

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I cannot imagine life without my KitchenAid mixer. There are times I use it nearly every day. Scroll down and enter for your chance to win one!

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Southern Buttermilk Fried Okra

Fried okra is one of those special treats that I usually get when we go out to eat. It’s a comfort food I’ve loved since I childhood. I’ve always been a bit picky when it comes to fried okra. You can definitely tell if it’s made fresh from scratch or frozen.  There is nothing better than freshly made fried okra, especially if it’s been dipped in buttermilk.

Southern Buttermilk Fried Okra | The TipToe Fairy #friedokra #okra #okrarecipe

I’ve always been a bit scared to make it from scratch myself, but I decided it was now or never. I jumped in with both feet and even made up my own recipe, and I was so happy it came out perfect! The outside was golden and crispy and the inside was melt in your mouth delicious.  The kids and Nate were clamoring to eat it while it was still blistering hot from coming out of the oil. Crazy people! (more…)

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