#FuelYourImagination with Creative Lunch Box Ideas

Many thanks to Fruit Shoot for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to share fun creative lunch box ideas!

Buying lunch at school is not an option for our family, it’s just too expensive to do every day. I make my kids’ lunches daily, and it can be a challenge to keep up variety.  I try to send my 10 year old a whimsical lunch when he least expects it, so it’s a nice little surprise from mom.  Both he and my 3 year old love these fun lunches.

Lunch Box Ideas with Fruit Shoot | The TipToe Fairy


Triple Berry Galette

I know what you’re thinking.  Another berry dessert, really?  What the heck else can this chick make with berries? I know…I have a problem with berries.  You should see all the recipes I whip up with peaches, nectarines, and apricots.  I could probably write an entire cookbook with just those three fruits.

But, you won’t believe this one.  It’s simply amazing!  I just want to kiss this photo. I love the imagery with the pretty pink berry juice dripping out. It’s just telling you to pick up a slice and take a bite. Yum!

Triple Berry Galette | The TipToe Fairy


Triple Berry Pie Cookies

Care to guess what I made today? Are you thinking berries? Because if you are, you’re right! I’m sure by now, after all these berry recipes, you’re thinking I am truly crazy about berries. And, it’s true I am crazy about berries and crazy in general.

Triple Berry Pie Cookies | The TipToe Fairy

This recipe I just dreamed up. I bought a refrigerated pie crust the other day and thought I’d whip up another berry pie for my family. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of making a fresh pie crust and make it all pretty. I just wanted to use up these berries. They are taking over my freezer! (more…)

Homemade Raspberry Curd

For New Years I made some lovely raspberry champagne cupcakes filled with raspberry curd.  When I blogged about them, I really didn’t feature the wonderful raspberry curd that went along with them. This stuff is so delicious, I thought it should get its own post all to itself.

Homemade Raspberry Curd | The TipToe Fairy

Though this was completely unplanned, I seem to be having a Berry theme with the recipes I’ve been sharing lately.  Soon, you’ll realize how bad my obsession with berries truly is, and I say this with a bowl full of blackberries sitting in front of me while drinking a blackberry drink. Ha! ;). (more…)

Asian Sesame Beef

Frequently, I make Asian stir fry dishes for meals.  They are super quick and easy, and I can add all kinds of veggies to them.  Nate and the kids happily chow down, and I don’t have a huge meal to prepare not to mention the quick clean up.

Most of the time I use steak or chicken breasts which does take a little time to defrost and then cutting up into small pieces. Then, the other day I saw this Korean Beef from Mommy on Demand that looked absolutely delicious!

Asian Sesame Beef | The TipToe Fairy

I had never thought about just using ground beef in a stir fry dish as opposed to the usual steak.  Not only would it save money by just using ground beef instead of steak, it would also be a time saver!


The Weekend Feast #2

The Weekend Feast #2 | The TipToe Fairy

I totally meant this to go up Saturday, but I had a night owl toddler who wanted to stay up til the sun came out.  I finally passed out, and then it was time to head to our credit union’s annual meeting, which is a blast, so there was no time for blogging.  They usually have it some place fun like the zoo or a ranch. (more…)

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