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Meet Stephanie Pass! She’s the force behind The TipToe Fairy — blogger, crafter, recipe maker, and photographer.


The TipToe Fairy is a PR Friendly Blog.   Stephanie has worked with several companies including Kraft, Minute Rice, Nestle, Farmland’s, Kelloggs, Rice Krispies, Tulip, Sharpie, Disney, and more.  She loves promoting brands she loves and uses every day.  Stephanie works hard to provide high quality and engaging sponsored posts that readers enjoy.

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   October 2017 Stats

Average Page Views Per Month = 100K+
Facebook Followers = 16.2K+
Pinterest Followers = 25K+
Twitter Followers = 14.7K+
Instagram Followers = 10.1K+

I would love to work with you! Stephanie has worked with many companies in sponsored storytelling, recipe creation, craft tutorial creations, brand ambassadorships, product reviews, and more.  Please contact me at stephanie@thetiptoefairy.com if you’re interested in partnering with me.

Here are a few of The TipToe Fairy’s latest sponsored projects:
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Brian Sockin August 18, 2016 at 11:24 am
Dear Stephanie, I’ve just had the pleasure of visiting your blog, and I am quite taken by your scope, insight, and thoughtful reviews. It’s always exciting when interests and vision unite to create a special place where both learning and entertainment can thrive. As the Publisher of Persnickety Press, that’s my hope for DEX, a Young Adult/Middle School novel, endorsed by the founder of the FOOD NETWORK, affiliates at ABC's THE CHEW and MTV, as well as bestselling author, Beverly Swerling, and a host of others. In addition, it has just received its first national review from the notoriously critical Kirkus Reviews, who call it a “fast and funny …delectable debut.” DEX is the story of an awkward, business savvy twelve-year-old chef who is discovered by the wildly popular EATZ network and becomes the first kid chef to have his own cooking show on TV. Although the book centers on food and offers exciting recipe ideas that will encourage kids to be creative in the kitchen, it is also about family, loyalty, tolerance, and acceptance, vital themes to promote harmony in our frenetic world. I know you have worked long and hard to build your blog, your presence, your page, and your following and I was hoping that you would like to be one of the first bloggers to introduce DEX to your followers, and I’d like to send you a signed copy of the book free with my compliments. DEX is actually much more than a book—it’s part of a package and concept that includes a finished screenplay, a TV pilot, and a title track song. A primary concept for the movie is to cast celebrity chefs in a variety of roles. Essentially, it is our hope to build a brand that will offer kids a true, relatable icon, especially during these intense times. We will keep you informed as this all unfolds. If you’d like to receive a copy of DEX, please respond with a “Yes” and a physical address where I can mail the book and send immediately. Thank you very much for your time. All my best, Brian Brian Scott Sockin, CEO/Publisher 120A North Salem Street Apex, NC 27502 Main Tel: (919) 303-3223 Mobile: (919) 368-0738 www.persnickety-press.com

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