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Make It for Pretend Play eBook

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Do you love encouraging your children’s creative play?

This is the perfect book to pull out and make something to inspire their creative imaginations. This book is full of my favorite things to make my own children. Most items are made fast and easy in an afternoon.

What’s included in the Make It for Pretend Play eBook?

This eBook is full of 147 pages of 13 projects from sewing patterns, tutorials, and cutting guides. In addition, we’ve also made sure our ever popular Dinosaur Tail sewing pattern is included! We’ve even included our NEW Pixie Cone Puppets! Here’s a few more things included:

  • How to Make a Paper Wizard Wand
  • Fluttering Butterfly Wings
  • T-shirt Capes

And so much more! These items are perfect to create a pretend play corner of the playroom. You’ll get 13 projects to make.

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