It’s been so cold lately. Even here in Texas, it’s been unseasonably cold. I used to dream of living up north with the snow and cold weather. After the taste we’ve had this winter, I’m definitely a southern girl. Give me a mild Texas winter anytime, and I’ll be happy.

Unfortunately, our American Girls weren’t prepared for the cold either.  Apart from their fleece hats, none had any other winter accessories.  I decided it was time for some things to keep these girls warm. Our first is a fashionable and warm flower scarf.

American Girl Flower Scarf Tutorial

This flower scarf tutorial is very easy.  If your daughter can hand sew a little, she can probably make this all by herself.  And, you’ll never guess what this scarf is made of.  It’s luxurious cashmere upcycled from a sweater.  So buttery soft, you’ll wish it was made for you.

American Girl Flower Scarf

I buy old sweaters at thrift stores in wool, mohair, angora, and cashmere.  I have a tote full of them.  I cut them up for all kinds of things. It’s pretty regular that I run across cashmere. Plus, the best time to buy them is right around spring and summer when the thrift stores can’t wait to get rid of all the sweaters.  I never pay more than $2.00 a sweater.


  • A wool or cashmere sweater or a fat quarter size of fleece or wool felt
  • needle and thread
  • scissors

1.  Cut a strip of sweater about 16 inches long x 2.5 inches wide.  Then cut the scarf a little squiggly, like the picture.

American Girl Flower Scarf Tutorial

2.  Cut 10 of each size circles.  There are 4 sizes – 2 inch, 1.5 inch, 1.25 inch, and 1 inch.  These do not have to be perfect circles.  I made mine very rough for an artsy kind of look.

American Girl Flower Scarf Tutorial

3.  Take 1 of the smallest circles, fold it in half and then half again to form something like a rosebud. Take the needle and thread and at the point, like the second picture, take a few stitches. Tie it off, but do not cut the thread.

American Girl Flower Scarf Tutorial

4.  Stack the next 3 sizes of circles, then insert the needle into the middle of those circles and pull the rosebud down into the middle of those circles.

5.  Fold the petals together, like the second picture, and take about 3-4 stitches, pulling tightly.  This will gather it a little like the third picture.  Now, it’s formed a flower. Don’t cut the thread yet.

American Girl Flower Scarf Tutorial

6. Insert the needle into the scarf and pull through, pulling the flower tight against the scarf.  Take 3-4 stitches from the back of the scarf like the first picture.  Now tie off and cut the thread and start again.

7.  Repeat this process 9 more times until the scarf is filled with flowers.

8.  Once the scarf is filled, try it on the doll, and she has a fashionable cashmere or wool scarf to show off.

American Girl Flower Scarf Tutorial